The threat of spyware is the trade-off of surfing the web. 
There are many free malware and spyware removal utilities available.
 The question is which utilities do the job and which ones are actually a threat?

As a professional, constantly monitoring reviews of the best spyware tools available, I found that some utilities are consistent and stay on the top of the list. 

On this page, I listed some of my favorite utilities and will update them as necessary.

When downloading any free software, read each page carefully as they could be steering you to... False Buttons 
When installing the software choose "Custom Install" and deselect any and all unwanted ...Toolbar's and Free Trials.

Freeware is financed by the "Junkware" you inadvertently install without realizing that you are.
The junk pushers are clever and constantly designing the download sites to mislead you. 
Once you get past the download page gauntlet, they will try to trick you with what I call, "Reverse Clicks" on the install page. 
Reverse clicks are when they slip the unwanted software disguised as the EULA agreement page, if you click on Accept you will get something you didn't bargain for, 
but if you click on Decline you simply move on to the next page, possibly with the same trick again.
Sometimes it seems they will do this until they either get bored or feel sorry for you, and finally give you the real EULA! 
EULA    "End User Licence Agreement"

"We help our clients, help themselves"  



Dr.Web CureIt!

Spybot - search & destroy
Spyware Blaster

More than one "Malware Utility" is good!

  • Use several different Spyware Utilities as some tend to miss what others catch.
  • Unlike Antivirus Software, you can run more than one utility on the same machine. 
  • Most vendors offer a Free or a Paid version, the protection is the same but the free versions usually require manual updating. Be aware of the trial period trick, you only want the basic free edition.
  • When installing any free software be aware of each page during installation process. The Reason it is Free is they get paid each time you inadvertently install an app or toolbar you don't want!


Micro$oft Security Essentials

AVG Free


Panda Cloud Antivirus Free
Avira Free Antivirus

Utilities are not necessarily in any rated order as ratings change each month.

Only Install one Antiviruse Utility!

  • Unlike with Spyware Utilities, your Computer can not function properly with more than one Antivirus program installed!
  • Before changing providers, completely Uninstall the previous utility. 
  • Once installed, update it and, run scan
  • I use MicroSoft Security Essentials on all my Machines, it is Free and designed by the creators of Windows. MSE uses fewer resources than the Popular Antivirus Utilities on the market. Most of the popular brands are utilizing your resources to sell you useless security features you will never use!


The authorities don't give you an online fine!

 They come and get you!

When you see this......

It's a Scam!

If you get this warning, don't pay them!

What is it you don't understand about Scam?

  • It is convincing and customized to mimic whatever country you are in e.g. UK E-Crimes division, etc. etc.....
  • If you pay, chances are you will download an even bigger threat of Malware on your PC disguised as their Fake Antivirus Utility.
  • This breed of Malware is dynamic and they constantly upgrade their tactics to stay ahead of the solutions. 
  • To remove this threat Google search the version you are dealing with and evaluate your options.